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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Starlooks Starbox!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update & Getting Back Into Shape...AGAIN

A while back I had created a post about me wanting to get back in shape...I was determined! Last time I had decided to get back to my old body it was so much easier, I just cut out sugars & watched my sodium & fat intake & the weight melted off...this time, not so much.  I've recently started working another job and sometimes burritos & corn dogs are my only lunch option (that's not true, I'm just usually too lazy to make myself lunch so I'm stuck with fast food options). I'm back to eating dinners very late at night and loading on carbs and sugar during the day.  I just can't seem to resist fast food & all the icky items I KNOW I shouldn't be putting in my body.  The pounds just keep on a'comin! It seems like every time I want to start my week off by eating right I have some excuse or reason of why I should just grab a TV dinner or order takeout.  I feel like I'm in such a weight-loss rut.  Making videos has become last on my priority list because 1. I can't seem to find time and 2. I feel so horrible about myself & weight that the last thing I want is to be putting myself out there.
I need to remind myself of this every day!
Since my last update/weight loss post in April, I've gained 5 pounds, now that may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me, it's meant not fitting into my favorite dress, pair of jeans and tops. There's nothing more upsetting than not fitting into your clothes. There's only so many excuses I can make, I've GOT to get back into shape and start living a healthier lifestyle.  I'm hoping to take you all along on this journey of getting back to the old me, yes it's embarrassing to put it all out there like this but I feel like it will help me stick to my goals.  What are some words of wisdom or advice you could give me?  What are your favorite low sugar/low fat snacks? If you're on MyFitnessPal please add me, I can use all the support I can get! It's always easier when you have your friends along for the ride.  Also, if you're on Pinterest let's follow each other! I'm always looking for new healthy recipes and snacks on there!

Until next time,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Starlooks Starbox - All Makeup Monthly Subscription Service!

Okay, let's face it...by now you all know how much I ADORE monthly subscription services!  Last month I reviewed my June Starlooks Starbox which can be seen by clicking here.  I thought that this would be one of those services where the first month is fabulous but the quality just goes down from there. Well, not with this company! This month is probably one of my favorites out of every sub service box I've ever recieved. I'm in LOOOVE!

Here's the box all nice and pretty :)

 All the goodies grouped together

Starlooks Shadow swatch in Gold Dust
This shadow is insanely smooth and highly pigmented.  This color makes a beautiful lid color as well as in the inner corner of the eye. 

 Starlooks Shadow packaging...it comes with an applicator and mirror inside. 

 Starlooks Blush swatch in Classy.  On lighter skin tones this would make a beautiful blush, for darker skin tones this makes an amazing highlighter!  I've also used this as an all over lid color as well as on my cheeks and it really warmed up my whole face.  The quality of this blush is very high quality. Super smooth!

Just like the shadow, their blush packaging comes with a mirror and brush for on-the-go touch ups!

 Starlooks Tendergloss Lipstick in Citron...this lip product is a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid.  I completely fell in love with the smooth, buttery texture the second I put it on my lips.  The color is out of this world!  It's a gorgeous coral/red with gold shimmer, you can really see the gold stand out in the swatch I've done.  I didn't experience and feathering or bleeding (yay!) This retails for $11 so that right there makes this box a superb deal!
Super cute compact with a regular and magnified mirror

My box also came with a quartz crystal! Unfortunately, I couldn't get the crystal to photograph well 
:( The quartz crystal is said to, "Attract energy, help maintain focus and is the ultimate symbol of beauty." Pretty cool little add-in, I've placed it on my nightstand :) 

I can't rave enough about this sub service.  It's an AMAZING deal for the products you recieve, I 150% recommend Starlooks Starbox if you're looking for an all-makeup monthly service.  This is also a great way to slowly build your makeup collection.  For $15 a month you get 3-4 full sized makeup items from the Starlooks store! 

I'm part of the Starlooks Starbox referral program, if you decide to sign up (awesome choice, btw) please use my YouTube/Blog user name mcubedmakeup in the referral box when checking out. 
You can sign up for your box by clicking here.

Until next time,
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