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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ruddy Water - Blushed Roller Ball & Pouch

One day when I was strolling around my feed on Twitter, I came across a tweet about Ruddy Water, the name was intriguing so I decided to follow and see what it was all about.  Turns out Ruddy Water was created by Elizabeth Noe because she was searching for fragrance towelettes but came up empty handed.  She did what any person does when they can't find an item, they create their own! ;) 
Her Blushed scent is described as: notes of bright red currant and rich vanilla, wrapped around subtle sweet lemon, slightly spicy ginger, and kissed with a hint of sugar. Ok, that seriously sounds like 5 of the worlds best scents smushed together for a yummy party! Well, it definitely is.  Upon smelling my first Blushed Pouch that I received in my Beauty Army box, I was in complete love.  I got chills smelling it, literally! It's one of the most comforting, sexy, sweet, delicious scents my nostrils have come into contact with.  My husband definitely agrees! "Okay okay, so the scent is amazing but what about the lasting power," you ask. Well, that my friends is just as fabulous! I put on the towelette on my wrists, neck, behind my ears & the inside of my elbow and throughout the day I was receiving compliments! When I came home that evening I could still smell it! 
I love the concept because when I travel I really dislike having to bring a glass perfume bottle with me, having your glass bottle burst in your suitcase all over your clothes is not a fun time. Not at all. I'm able to use 1 pouch for 2 days so the portability is fantastic!  A large glass bottle of perfume is one less item I have to worry about now! These little pouches fit anywhere. 
You can purchase a 24 pack of towelettes for $22.00 by going to her website here.

Next up is the same signature Blushed fragrance but in a rollerball.  Now I'm not usually a rollerball fan because sometimes I like to spray my clothes.  This little glass vial of wonderful has converted me! The packaging itself is beautiful, the glass bottle is hand etched! Seriously! I'm a sucker for packaging and that just blew me away. Each rollerball is hand filled upon each order! No stale perfume here, folks!  
 You can purchase your own Blushed Rollerball for $16.50 clicking here.  Also on the Ruddy Water site is the Blushed Blooming Mist which is next on my list.  I can only imagine how amazing my linens will smell after I get my hands on one! Mmmm :)

Check out Ruddy Water on Facebook & Twitter!

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