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Monday, January 23, 2012

Adore Me

Photo courtesy of www.adoreme.com
About two weeks ago I entered a contest on Lauren Clark's blog and won!  She was giving away 1 free set of lingerie from Adore Me.  I headed over to Adore Me and was really impressed, the site is a lot like ShoeDazzle and those types of monthly subscriptions.  I favored this site a lot more because when you take a quiz at the beginning to pick your styles, I feel like this company ACTUALLY listened and chose some items based on my likes/dislikes. You sign up, take a quiz, pick your set that you like and check out! It's that simple.  Free shipping, free exchanges and every month there are new items in your showroom to choose from.  

This would be the first time I'd seen a monthly subscription for lingerie which I think is amazing and very innovative.  The customer service was outstanding!  Shipping was a little slow but the customer service and product definitely made up for it. The box in my mailbox was HUGE! I expected the lingerie to just be folded up and shipped off in a little padded envelope.  Here's a picture after I pulled it out of the bag, the box was a little dented and ripped from shipping but the presentation was still gorgeous! 
It included a sweet little note thanking me for my support and my purchase.    
The product itself was absolutely gorgeous! I feel as if the photo from the website didn't do it any justice.   For those of you who are familiar with lingerie pricing, you can understand what I'm saying when I say that $39.95 is a great deal for such a high quality product.  

I highly recommend this company!  Head over to Adore Me and sign up today...just in time for Valentine's Day :-)

Until next time,
Marina - mCubedMakeup 

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