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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dolce Mia Soaps & Lotions Review

I was contacted by Tamara, a super sweet representative of this amazing line to do a review for you guys! I checked out the Dolce Mia website and was totally taken aback by how adorable everything was.  I hadn't ever tried nor heard of anything from this company before.  They are a family run business that has all natural soaps, liquid soaps, body lotion, instant hand cleanser & more! The packaging is so adorable, it is definitely something I would love to keep on my bathroom counter for guests to see.  There's quite a few different scents to choose from.  I just love the whole "vintage" look of everything. So fun!

The following items are items that were sent to me for review purposes (the soaps wrapped in plastic shown do not come in plastic wrapping, they come in the adorable packing shown with the Tropical Citrus bar, I was sent a mix of retail products as well as some of the bar soaps to try out!)  

I was so excited when I opened my box! Everything was wrapped in tissue paper and there was a handwritten card in there! So cute that it happened to say "Hula" on it because hubby & I are about to celebrate our anniversary...we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon so it brought a big smile on my face seeing this card!

Sweet Almond Lotion & Amberly Lavender Travel Sized Lotion
These lotions are in the scent Sweet Almond & Amberly Lavender...aren't they the cutest?!  The Sweet Almond smells exactly like you would think! Mmmm! The Amberly Lavender was a little more complex, the lavender is perfectly blended with warm amber to make such an amazing scent I can't even describe it! I've been using it all weekend long! The lotions are really light and airy, I was worried about them not being moisturizing enough but I was wrong! These didn't leave me feeling greasy but they left my hands perfectly moisturized!

Tropical Citrus Lotion
When I read the words "Tropical Citrus" I thought this was going to be more citrusy, to my surprise, this was more on the tropical side of the scent spectrum! This reminds me of Pina Coladas and laying on the beach! Ahhh! Smells like vacation to me! This has shea butter so I was really excited because that always seems to moisturize really well for me! Just like the 2 lotions before, this went on very light but moisturized perfectly.

Tropical Citrus Bar Soap
I wasn't sure how these bar soaps would work for me, I've used some before and they don't really lather and then they leave me feeling dry!  This was the opposite! The lather was phenomenal and my skin felt so clean!  All 3 scents lingered but when I added the corresponding lotion, I could smell the scent for HOURS afterwards! 

Sweet Almond & Amberly Lavender Bar Soaps
These smell just like the amazing lotions and together I didn't even need to use perfume, I felt so fragrant and yummy! I feel like the Amberly Lavender soap/lotion combo left the most scent for the longest amount of time.  Next was the Tropical Citrus and the one that lingered the least was the Sweet Almond.

I completely recommend this company! The products are superb and the packaging is the cutest ever!  I plan on picking up quite a few more items when my budget will allow it.  I've read some really great reviews for their liquid soap so I am hoping to order that soon.  All of these products can be purchased from http://www.dolcemiastore.com/catalog/?rep=hatn Their prices are pretty affordable and the quality is seriously amazing.  I love when I am so surprised by a company!  

I'd love to hear what you think! Have you tried anything from this brand before? Is there something you plan on purchasing?

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