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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was recently awarded the Kreativ Blogger award from Casey over at Beauty101 & Nicole at Hello Miss Niki both of these amazing ladies have such fabulous blogs! Their content is great and they are both as sweet as could be.  I frequently check to see when they have new posts, you should definitely check out their blogs! It seriously warms my heart to think that these ladies took the time out of their day to recognize my blog! THANK YOU!

For this award,  I am supposed to list 7 random things about myself...so here it goes! (BTW, this was actually really hard for me!)

1. I am absolutely obsessed with chicken, peanut butter & chinese food...those 3 items I could eat every single day for ever and ever & be as happy as a clam! I have peanut butter in some form at least once a day! Mmm, now I'm hungry :(

2. My favorite alcoholic drink in the whole wide world is a dirty vodka martini, they are the best!

3. My husband and I love to travel, we are always planning our next vacation.  Our favorite way to travel is on a cruise ship.  I've been cruising since I was little, my grandparents would take about 30 of us once a year on a cruise. I'm hooked! It's so nice not having to worry about anything on a cruise, everything is taken care of...plus, we both get to let loose & have a few drinks, it's not like we're driving the boat! Heehee My husband loves it now just as much as I do.  Our next one planned is in the Mediterranean!

4. When it comes to decorating our home, I'm horrible! My husband is the one that does all the decorating here, I'm just not good at it! I know what kind of style I like but when it comes to going and buying things as well as deciding what goes where, fuggetaboutit! I have a hard time seeing the "end result" in my head. Weird, right?

5. I've never been to an Ulta! I live in a very small town and the nearest department store or Sephora is about 3 hours away! I've only shopped online...I'm going on a mini get-away in August & I'm hoping I will have time to go! EEEK!

6. I hardly EVER wear high heels.  Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love heels but over the years I've just not been able to wear them for more than an hour or so.  I have lower back problems and they just don't mix well. (Also, my husband is a just smidgen taller than I, so yeeeeah. Sometimes we'll just pretend he's Tom Cruise & I'm Katie Holmes HAHA) I'm so envious of women that can just go all day wearing them!

7. I went to college for Early Childhood Development, I was about 2 classes away from finishing and my college royally screwed me over with my credits and I ended up having to change majors.  I recently got my degree in University Studies but my main focus is makeup, I can't see myself ever doing anything else.  It feels absolutely amazing to be doing what I love.

Post a link to the blogger who gave you the award.
Answer the questions.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass to 10 bloggers.

Thank you again ladies! I really appreciate it! <3


  1. Thank you so much, Sweet Pea!! It always means the world to me when you think of me :-) P.S. I'm a total peanut butter addict TOO!!! I KNEW WE WERE TWINS!!!
    Fortunately that is one addiction I'm NEVER going to rehab for. Or... we'll see. ;)


    1. You are so welcome!! :-D
      Muahhh! xoxoxo


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