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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coastal Scents Creative Me #1

I've been seeing quite a few beauty vloggers & bloggers RAVING about this palette as well as Coastal Scents Hot Pots which they compare to MAC shadows. Hmm. Well, I must be the one & only person who thinks the opposite. I ordered mine from Amazon for $20.50 and it came the next day. Now I know that a lot of matte shadows are harder to work with and some do tend to be on the chalkier side but these are like nothing I've ever used before. 
 The colors look so bright and vivid in the pan! I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened this up! Sadly, that's where my excitement ended.
 I had to swipe my finger across the shadow a minimum of 8-10 times just to get a bit of color to swatch. The colors were so chalky and applied insanely patchy. Here's the first row of colors. You can really see with the yellows how patchy the colors went on.
 The second row was just as bad. The third purple I had to swatch over and over again to get color to show up and it's still very faint. The 1st and 4th color in this row are the 2 colors that I can work with somewhat. Some do look bright in these swatches but the massive amount of product I had to pack on to get to that just makes it too much work.
 The 3rd row would have to be the worst out of the palette, some of the pinks/purple can be worked with but these were just not going to happen.  I had to repeatedly apply color and when I would swipe the color on my hand it would disappear and fade out.  You can see how faint the colors went on and I really packed these babies on!
I am so disappointed in this product, I really thought from all the reviews that this would soon be my go-to bright colored palette but I honestly can't see myself ever using this.  I had an online cart full of the Hot Pots to purchase but I just don't see that happening any more.  

Have any of you beauties tried this palette or any others from Coastal Scents?

Until next time,

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  1. Such a bummer :( I have several Coastal Scents palettes and only one of them I dislike. And I think it's the tiny Paris palette. :( Otherwise I love the rest. This is a disappointment though. Wonder if they would work out better with a similarly colored base? Good luck, sweetie :)


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