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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Starlooks Starbox September Edition

So I'm at that point where I've narrowed down my favorite monthly sub services and I'm now just sticking with two...Starlooks Starboxes & Beauty Army.  Each month I've done reviews on each...you can see how awesome these companies are.  Starlooks has a special place in my heart because it is all makeup, that's right ALL makeup! Each month I open my box I'm amazed over & over again.  I have never been disappointed.  When I opened September's box I was stoked to see that it included an eyeshadow palette that contained 5 colors! SAAWEEET! Keep reading to see what else came in my September box :)

 Monographic 5 Shade Shadow Palette 
 Swatches with flash
 No flash
 So at first I was a little perplexed, why such light colors? After using them a bit, I started to put them over plain matte shades to really change the whole look of my shadow.  These colors work amazing on their own but even better over colors you already have! My personal favorite is a matte black with the middle pink shimmer color over. GORGEOUS! The formula of these are just as great as all the other Starlooks shadows.  I have yet to come across one of their products that isn't amazing.

Eye Shadow Primer
 I've never used an eyeshadow primer that has a texture like this product.  It reminded me of vaseline at first which I was very worried about putting something like that on my oily lids. After it's blended in it takes on a very smooth powdery finish.  My shadows went on beautifully and lasted all day & night.  I tried one eye with my UDPP & one with this Starlooks Primer and you couldn't tell the difference! Score!

Flat-back Swarovski Eye Crystals
These champagne & bronze crystals couldn't of come at a better time! I've been doing some fun Halloween looks and really didn't want to have to place an online order for some of these. It's like Starlooks read my mind! 

As always, my Starlooks Starbox also came with a mystic quartz crystal, I've been collecting these in a cute little glass & it sits on my vanity. Starboxes are $15 a month and each month you will receive 3-4 high-quality, full sized makeup items.  The value is phenomenal (as you can see) they also have their store online where you can purchase tons of their awesome products from their line & that includes free shipping for anything under 10lbs.  They have also started a points program, every dollar you spend you earn a point...100 points = 10 Star Dollars toward your next purchase.  

Sign up by clicking here & I would be ever so grateful if you could use my username - mcubedmakeup as the person who referred you :) 

Until next time,

This item was purchased on my own with my own money. 

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