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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hard Candy Blush Crush in Bombshell (MAC MSF dupe!)

Happy Tuesday, beauties! I was strolling through Wal-Mart & decided to check out the Hard Candy section, I've looked through a few times & even purchased some items for a friend overseas but for some reason never picked up anything for myself (THE HORROR!) This product in particular stood out to me because I have a love for all MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes...even with my pro discount, MSF's aren't cheap.  I grabbed the bronziest shade I could find and happily skipped to the checkout (ok, I lied, I just walked).  

The item I picked up is Hard Candy's Blush Crush Baked Blush in Bombshell. I'm such a sucker for packaging & I must say, Hard Candy's packaging is pretty dang fabulous!  I tried to get a good picture of the front of this blush but because of the reflective silver it made it a bit difficult...the best one I could get was this:
 See, told you the packaging was pretty awesome :)

The color Bombshell that I picked up is a medium golden tan with a touch of pink swirled throughout.  I don't see this being a very versatile color for different skin tones because of how orange it could end up looking. The good news is that although it's very pigmented, it can be sheered out with a bit of blending.  It's shimmery without being over the top e.g. no chunky glitter. I'd stay away from this if you have very large pores on your cheeks or wherever else you may apply this because it will definitely accentuate them. The formula is buttery smooth & applies beautifully, just like a MAC MSF. 
These 2 swatches were taken with studio lighting, the left is very heavily swatched & the the right is blended out.
These swatches were taken with natural light outside, as above left is heavily swatched & the right is blended out.

 I got about 4-5 hours of wear before this started to fade, which isn't too bad considering how fast everything fades on me.  The Blush Crush is only $7 & is .28oz (8g) which comes to $25 an ounce whereas MAC Mineralize Skin Finish is $29 for .35oz (10g) and that's about $83 an ounce! That's a huge difference! 
There were 2 other shades available which I'm looking forward to picking up during my next shopping trip.
If you're looking for a great MAC MSF dupe, definitely check these out at Wal-Mart, you won't be disappointed. 

Until next time,

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  1. I love love LOVE hard candy products!!!:) glad you finally tried!!;)


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