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Monday, January 30, 2012

Swatches & pictures of SauceBox Cosmetics

So it was one crazy week/weekend and I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and catch my breath...whew!

I stumbled upon SauceBox about 2 weeks ago and LOVED their colors and a big plus was that their prices were very affordable.  I e-mailed Alla about ordering some items, I ordered the Bold Effect Eyeshadow in Lagoon, Blush in Hyper & Oil Free Pressed Powder in Dream.  Alla told me she would be more than happy to send a few extra items for me to review on my blog.  She was so helpful and super sweet...plus she was very prompt in responding.

I was so excited to find my box of goodies from SauceBox Cosmetics, I opened the box and squealed with joy when I saw the awesome packaging...seriously cool stuff! She also added a Bold Effect Eyeshadow in Queen Bee, Blush in Cocktail, mascara, LumiShine Lip Gloss in Lighten up & Whimsy. I seriously couldn't wait to open everything!  It had to sit a few days because of my busy schedule (boo!) but I finally got a chance to take some pictures and swatches!
All the items in their awesome packaging! It rocks!

All of the items out of their packaging

Bold Effect Shadow in Lagoon & Queen Bee (L-R)
Bold Effect Shadow swatch on dry skin (L-R) Lagoon & Queen Bee
Blush in (L-R) Sea Shell & Hyper
Blush in (L-R) Seashell & Hyper
LumiShine Lip Gloss in (L-R) Whimsy &  Lighten Up
LumiShine Lip Gloss in (L-R) Whimsy & Lighten Up

LumiShine Lip Gloss in (L-R) Whimsy & Lighten Up
Oil-Free Pressed Powder in Dream

I will be using all of the products and posting a review ASAP...but I can already tell I am now a SauceBox fan! 

Until next time,
Marina - mCubed Makeup


  1. Love the lip gloss lighten up super sultry:-)

  2. I know! It's perfect for a smokey eye!

  3. oooo, love it all! the eyeshadows are so pretty!

  4. They are super fun! Thanks for your feedback, Colleen!


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