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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to the blogging world, mCubed Makeup! Let's talk about SKIN CARE!

For as long as I can remember I have been reading blogs, twitter updates, watching YouTube videos...it's about time I start my own!  

Trying new products is one of my passions in life!  It's like Christmas morning every time I open a new product to try out.  I love helping out others and giving them my personal opinions on products.   I get asked a lot about my skin care/makeup routine.  My skin care is something that became a problem for me about 4 years ago.  Growing up I was blessed with perfect skin, no pimples, no oily T-Zone, no dry patches, nada...just youthful glowing skin...up until 4 years ago. Enter *gasp* here___. *DUN DUN DUN* I started breaking out like there was no tomorrow and I was a greasy oil slick! From then on I've been on the search for the perfect skin care routine.  As of today (I say today because like I said before, I'm constantly on the search for that holy grail product) this is what my skin care routine looks like:

Merle Norman Clear Complexion Gel Cleanser
I wash my face every morning with Merle Norman's Clear Complexion Gel Cleanser.  This stuff is great! It doesn't over-dry but it doesn't leave me greasy feeling.
Merle Norman Luxiva AHA Toner for N/O Skin
I then use tone my face with Merle Norman's Luxiva AHA Toner for Normal/Oil Skin.  This helps relieve any tightness and just gives me a super fresh feeling.

NOW 100% Grapeseed Oil
I moisturize with a few tiny drops of NOW's Grapeseed Oil, it feels very greasy at first, but after a few minutes of letting it sit, it just disappears and leaves my face radiant! I was very hesitant about trying this product because I do have very oily skin, I did some research (thank you Makeup Alley!) and discovered that this is GREAT for oily skin. I purchased this at my local health food store for $9.99, I've been told that places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's & GNC carries this. It's HUGE and will probably last forever and ever. 
Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (white bottle)
After cleansing, toning, moisturizing...I use this Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (another amazing Makeup Alley find!) This does come from Japan, so I have to order it on eBay, it's about $16 with shipping.  This says it's a sunscreen but it's not like any sunscreen I've ever used before.  It's very liquid-y and runny, it instantly mattifies and leaves my face prepped for foundation. 


Olay 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths for Combination/Oily
I use these to take off my makeup.  It takes off even the most stubborn mascara and foundation! These are always going on sale for Buy One Get One 1/2 Off at Walgreens, they are $7.99 and the box has 33 sheets.

Merle Norman Clear Complexion Toner

I always use toner on my face after cleansing, this one has Salicylic Acid which is great for helping with any current or future breakouts.  
DDF Acne Control Treatment
I got this as a 100 point perk at Sephora and fell in love.  This says it's a treatment but I use it as a light nighttime moisturizer. It's great! I don't wake up with a greasy face either.  This can be purchased at Sephora $44 for 1.7 oz

So! There you have it...my very first blog post...and now you know about my skin care routine.  I will do a basic makeup routine soon! 

Until next time,
Marina - mCubed Makeup

NOTE- Merle Norman products can be purchased at the studio nearest you, they do not sell products online so therefore I can't recommend a link.  

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