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Friday, February 3, 2012


I decided I wanted to start doing a Five-Faves-Friday! I will post about the 5 things I'm absolutely loving this week...fabulous way to start the weekend ;) Some weeks it may be all makeup or beauty related items, some weeks it could be the most random things and some weeks it may be all food (I love me some good food). So here it goes, in no particular order :)

1)  3 Musketeers Coconut Bar
Photo courtesy of http://www.candyandsnacktoday.com

I was checking out at Walgreens the other day and they always have that dang little shelf where you check out with different candies that are on sale for like $.50 (I CURSE YOU, CANDY SHELF!) well, that shelf has magical powers to make you look at it no matter how hard you try to avoid it (seriously) so of course this time when I saw that this was coconut I jumped on it! I'm not a fan of 3 Musketeers in general, but coconut makes everything better and boy oh boy is this amazing! It reminds me a lot of the Coconut M&M's just not crunchy.

2) Cafe Escapes Chai Tea Latte K-Cups
Photo courtesy of http://www.gmcrwholesale.com/

Last winter I spent most of my money (and calories, sugar, fat etc.) at the Hastings Hardback Cafe buying Vanilla Chai Tea Latte's...I discovered they sold the powdered mix and checked out the sugar content and FREAKED! The barista told me they also make it in sugar free (sigh of relief) but it just didn't taste the same.  I was at Wal-Mart and I love looking in the K-Cup aisle and seeing what new flavors and brands they have out and I discovered these puppies! I usually never finished my whole drink from Hastings anyway so this is perfect for me.  It's not as thick as usual cafe made ones but I add a tiny bit of sugar-free vanilla powdered creamer for a bit more richness.  The flavor is absolutely amazing, it's perfect on those cold days/nights.  There's something about chai tea that screams, "CHRISTMAS!" to me.  I've also tried it over ice which is great as well!

3) Magic Beyond Words the JK Rowling Story

Photo courtesy of http://www.newvideo.com/

I am a huuuuuuuuuuuge Harry Potter fanatic so while good ol' hubby and I were strolling through the new releases section of Hastings this screamed my name.  As much as I know and love about Harry Potter I honestly couldn't tell you much about the author JK Rowling.  This movie starts from the very beginning of JK (Joanna) as a little girl and how Harry Potter evolved to present day.  It goes through all the struggles and tragedy she went through.  This movie gave me another level of respect for JK Rowling.  If you are a HP fan, definitely check this out!

4) MAC's Breath of Plum Sheertone Blush
Photo courtesy of http://www.luuux.com/

This was a complete impulse buy awhile ago, it's definitely not a color I usually go for but for some reason this week I have been alllll about Breath of Plum!  Since this is a sheertone blush it goes on, well, more sheer so it's very easy to build up color.  I actually used this on 3 different colored girls and it looked amazing on all of them.  This color is a matte deep plum but it honestly is the perfect color.  I find myself using it now constantly.  I don't know why I strayed from it for so long but I am officially in love.  

5) Chocolate-Covered Katie, the Healthy Dessert Blog
Photo courtesy of http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/

I was messing around on Pinterest and found this board of these sinful looking desserts, I clicked the pictures to be taken to the link and discovered this blog.  I was honestly in shock seeing all of these guilt-free desserts, I mean literally any dessert you can think of was on here but made over to be healthy/healthier! Sweets are my weakness, I could have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  I've made a few things from her blog and each one is just sooo good! So far my favorite one I have made is the Mounds Bar Baked Oatmeal mmmmmmmmm!!!!! You can follow this blog at www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com 

Well, that's all folks! I'd love to hear some of your favorites of the week! 

Until next time,
Marina - mCubedMakeup


  1. I like it!! I am excited to see what the your new faves are every week!


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