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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vitabath Fragrance Collection Review

Lately I've been really into bath & body products!  I stumbled upon Vitabath and was so intrigued with their different scents, 16 to be exact!  I was so excited when I received a package from Jaclyn at Vitabath to try out! I was telling my mom about it and she informed me that she used to use them back in the day! How cool is that?

Vitabath has been around for 50+ years! They recently revitalized their product line with their new Fragrance Collection of sulfate & paraben free body washes.  They offer 4 unique & youthful fragrance profiles: (taken from the fragrance collection fact sheet)

Photo Credit - myvitabath.com
Cupcake Couture 
100% guilt free, the play Cupcake Couture profile provides a rich, creamy and sweet flavor palate. Fragrances include:
Dreamy Pink Frosting with Sweet Almond Oil
Luscious Lemon Creme with Lemon Extract
Heavenly Coconut Creme with Coconut Oil
Scrumptious Vanilla Sugar with Shea Butter

Fruit Fanatic
Made with real fruit & flower extracts, Vitabath's Fruit Fanatic profile is a delectable fusion of fresh, flavorful fruits - cherries, apples, oranges and grapefruit - with warm vanilla and lily.  Fragrances include:
Grapefruit Vanilla with Grapefruit Fruit Extract
Green Apple & White Lily with Coneflower Extract
Wild Red Cherry with Cherry Blossom Extract
Pomegranate & Blood Orange with Orange Peel Extract

In Bloom
A mix of exotic and flirty florals, plus subtle hints of sea breezes, helps to create Vitabath's In Bloom profile blend.  Fragrances include:
Beach Blossom with Passion Flower Extract
Nouveau Rose with Evening Primrose Oil
Ivy & Lily with Chamomile Extract
Asian Orchid & Coconut with Angelica Extract

Spa Day
With cool, fresh therapeutic ingredients like cucumber & lavender, Vitabath's Spa Day profile helps both the mind and body relax and de-stress. Fragrances include:
Green Tea & Sage with Aloe Vera
Lavender Chamomile with Lavender Extract
Cucumber & White Tea with Cucumber Extract
Citron Leaves with Lemongrass Extract

Now, for my thoughts/review....
I received a full size (12 oz) bottle of the Spa Day - Citron Leaves with Lemongrass Extract & 3 foil packet samples of 
Cupcake Couture - Dreamy Pink Frosting with Sweet Almond Extract
Spa Day - Green Tea & Sage with Aloe Vera 
In Bloom - Beach Blossom with Passion Flower Extract

Citron Leaves
Photo Credit - myvitabath.com
The Citron Leaves smells soo calming but yet invigorating at the same time, it reminds me of a lemon-y chamomile tea. When I first received this I just sat with it at my desk sniffing it every few minutes, it smells that good. Ahhhh! 

Dreamy Pink Frosting
Photo Credit - myvitabath.com
Dreamy Pink Frosting is literally the most amazing scent EVER! I'm not a fan of cake batter, frosting, baked good etc., scented body products.  They always smell really artificial! This body wash literally smells like I rubbed the most delicious pink buttercream icing on my body. I refuse to throw the foil packet away so I can keep sniffing it. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Green Tea & Sage
Photo credit - myvitabath.com
Green Tea & Sage had a bit too much of the sage scent to me.  I know that green tea is usually a lighter scent so I was surprised at strong this one smelt.  Out of all 4, this scent lingered the least on my body. My husband loved this one!

Beach Blossom
Photo credit - myvitabath.com
Beach Blossom was my least favorite. It smells like roses in my opinion which I do not like the scent of. I was expecting this one to have a really clean fresh scent but the rose-y scent was just too overpowering for me. I had a headache afterwards...if you like the scent of flowers & roses than this one is perfect for you!

Now as far as cleansing/staying power goes I'm still on the fence.  I figured with these being sulfate & paraben free they would leave my skin really soft and they didn't.  It just felt like any normal body wash. The one thing that sets these apart for me would be the amazing scents. Citron Leaves lingered the longest, then Dreamy Pink Frosting, then Beach Blossom & last was Green Tea & Sage. In the shower these make the whole bathroom smell amazing but the scent left on your skin is very light and fresh.

I would have to say that I will probably purchase these if I saw a sale for them because I am intrigued with all the different scents!

You can purchase these body washes from Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA Beauty, Harmon Drugs, Ricky's, Fred Meyer, AAFES, Stage Stores and online at http://www.myvitabath.com/

What scents stick out to YOU the most? 

Until next time,
Marina - mCubed Makeup
This item was sent for review by the manufacturer or by the PR firm that works on behalf of the manufacturer.  I earned no monetary compensation from said manufacturer nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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