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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Liebster Award!

I received my very first Liebster Award last week from the always fabulous Stephanie from http://www.thenewbeautyreview.com She's soo sweet and this made my day! Be sure to check out her blog for tons of tips, giveaways and reviews! YAY!

I copied the info below from her page where I was awarded....and now let the award ceremony begin!

So for those of you who do not know what Liebster means, it's a German word meaning "Dearest." The award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep blogging. Because frankly, blogging is not an easy thing to do and it's nice to be appreciated and supported by your fellow bloggers!

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person who gave you the award in your post.
2. Put the award in your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.

I love checking out these ladies awesome blogs! There's always some awesome posts, neat reviews and/or gorgeous makeup looks! Be sure to check them out! You'll love them! :)

Until next time,
Marina - mCubed Makeup


  1. Omg Thank you so much Marina!!! I feel so honored to be nominated. I haven't blogged in so long either.. Appreciate your kindness! <3


    1. Well you have some really great QUALITY posts! I love it! <3 Hugs to you!!

  2. Thank you Marina! How sweet and thoughtful.

  3. You are so sweet! Thank you for nominating my blog xoxo

    1. You're so welcome! I love your blog!!! <3


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